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This design creates a natural wooden look and is achieved by using powder coating on aluminum. Coated on the outer layer followed by a baked on, it ensures that the printed surface of the coating is not easily peel or wears off which ensures the durability of the product. If you prefer more nature and earthly tone outlook, this design is definitely what you looking for.

The carcass and other kitchen cabinet features such as drawers, partition boards and island bar, are also fully aluminium.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops endure a lot of use, yet they’re also an opportunity to create a real wow factor in the kitchen. It’s important to strike a balance between style and function, which is why durability, visual appeal and maintenance ease are among the top three guiding factors for choosing the right countertop. In BelKitchen, we offer a variety of of countertops; from LG solid surface (HI-MACS®) to local made solid surface, or granite stone to quartz stone; to suit your design style and budget. 

Kitchen Interior Fittings

Organized and efficient kitchen

Kitchen is typically the most used room in the house, therefore it's extremely important to ensure that it's organized and functional. We can now maximized your kitchen's efficiency by using the clever storage solutions. From the corner unit to drawers, and tall unit to wall unit, we have the perfect solutions for you.

*Photo credit by Harn and Kesseböhmer.​

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